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Various hazards may affect the choice of textile to be used. Chemical hazards may indicate a requirement for resistant over-garments. Risks from sparks or flames will preclude the use of many man-made fibers, particularly those which tend to melt on heating (see EN 469). Flame-retardant fabrics that will withstand industrial cleaning are now available to standards EN470, EN531 and EN533. Dubai UAE Uniforms is one of the top Industrial Uniforms suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman.

Always remember that it is not only production operators who may be exposed to hazards. Offices can, for example, contain rotating machinery (shredders in particular are a hazard to those wearing scarves or loose ties). Clerical workers may need to visit production areas or to cross hazardous areas such as transport yards – their clothing must not expose them to hazard when doing this.

As well as protecting the wearer from his or her environment, work clothing often has the task of protecting the environment from the wearer.

In the chemical and electronic industries static electricity is a problem, in the former case because it forms a potential source of ignition, in the latter because static discharge can damage components and assemblies. Textiles should be specified which do not create a build-up of static through friction; footwear also can be selected for anti-static properties. Static can also be a problem for office workers, especially in air-conditioned premises with low humidity, and with some grades of carpet.

Management should be receptive to the employees’ views on aspects of safety and the fitness-for-purpose of proposed garments. Some additional issues, which may need to be considered.

Policies on headgear may need to take religious beliefs into account; the Sikh turban is an obvious example.

Provision of a ‘trouser’ alternative to the dress/skirt for female staff, and a ‘long sleeve’ alternative. Note that this is not only out of respect for certain religious beliefs; staff members may have a variety of reasons, from birthmarks and scar tissue to inappropriate tattoos, for not wishing to reveal arms and legs. Skirt lengths require sensitive consultation. More generally, remember that in most cases designs are going to have to be suitable for employees over a wide age-range. Older staff, for example, may not be entirely relaxed in T-shirts and baseball caps.